Towel Tracker is an innovative, high tech towel tracking system that provides the following benefits to Fitness Clubs:

Increases your bottom line:

  • Automatically tracks towel usage and theft.
  • Reduces towel theft by approximately 90-100%.
  • Provides ability to recoup cost of stolen towels.
  • Provides ability to charge towel rental fees.
  • Reduces labor hours required to manage towels.

Enhances member experience:

  • Appeals to customers, especially high tech Millennials.
  • Ensures clean towels are always available, with no staff assistance needed.
  • Results in cleaner, more sanitary facilities, because guests return used towels to Towel Tracker.
  • Enables fitness clubs to provide higher quality towels.

Streamlines towel management:

  • Sends automated towel replenishment alerts to housekeeping staff.
  • Provides automated towel inventory management.
  • Provides real-time towel usage data analytics by date and member.
  • Uses only 28.4 square feet of floor space, freeing up square footage used by multiple towel counters and tables.

Is eco-friendly:

  • Reduces overall towel use by 30-40%, because guests take fewer towels when they know they’re being tracked. This in turn:
  • Reduces towel laundering costs by 30-40%.
  • Reduces amount of chemical detergents and natural resources used to launder towels.
  • Reduces greenhouse gases emitted during towel laundering process.

“If you offer towels to members, one of the biggest challenges is keeping track of them. Whether members intentionally walk off with them, or simply forget they have them, towels are lost in large numbers every month at almost every fitness center that offers them.”
From “Towels: Customer Service or Money Pit?” in


Blink Fitness

Installed in 14 gyms
Avg.: 12,000-18,000 sq. feet

Genesys Athletic Club

225,000 square feet
6,600 members

Western Michigan University

240,000 square feet
23,914 students

Steel Fitness Premier

55,000 square feet
4,000 members

Riverside Health Fitness Center

70,000 square feet
3,000 members

Walker Ice and Fitness Center

60,000 square feet
2,000 members

Kettering University

85,000 square feet
2,500 students, staff, alumni

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How the Towel Tracker Works

The Towel Tracker has two components: the Clean Towel Unit and the Towel Return Unit. Each is about the size of a vending machine. Enclosed in the Clean Towel Unit is a removable cart with approximately 300 towels club members can access. The Towel Return Unit contains a removable cart that collects used towels, eliminating them from sight.
Each towel is embedded with a washable RFID tag the size of a paperclip. This tag provides each towel with a unique identification number. Members access towels by swiping their membership card to open the door. Members then take the towels they want and close the door.

1. User swipes membership or guest ID card (reader options are available).

2. Member removes towels and Towel Tracker records which towels are assigned to member. The system tracks and reports towel usage and theft.

3. Returned towels are collected in one, easy-to-remove cart.

Woman removing towels

Data Analytics

Towel Tracker’s real-time, customized data analytics enable you to effortlessly manage towel usage and inventory. Examples of data analytics available include:

Overall number of towels checked out (blue bar) and towels missing (pink bar)

Towels checked out, returned, and missing for a specific room

Overall towel inventory with automatic reorder point

Audit showing towels returned and lost from external laundry service


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