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Broadcast Coverage

High Tech Towel Tracker Reduces Towel Loss at Local Fitness Center
WNEM-TV (Mid-Michigan CBS affiliate)

It happens all the time. Someone misplaces a towel at the gym or takes it home with them, and it vanishes—a simple accident that ends up costing health clubs and gyms more than you may think… WATCH VIDEO

Made in Michigan: Towel Tracker
WZZM-TV (Grand Rapids, Michigan ABC affiliate)

It’s a high tech device aimed to stop towel theft–the Towel Tracker, which began right here in West Michigan,is now installed in hotels and resorts across the country… WATCH VIDEO

University of Arizona Unveils Rec. Center Renovations, Including Towel Trackers
KGUN-TV (Tucson, Arizona ABC affiliate)

It’s been a long time coming for the University of Arizona—twenty-seven years since they have touched the locker rooms at the recreational center… WATCH VIDEO

Print/Internet Coverage

Can Technology Stop a Towel Thief?
Lodging Magazine

Loss of towels can cost thousands of extra dollars a year. LODGING recently talked with Towel Tracker CEO Matt Cheng about how his company is taking on this problem in the hospitality industry… READ MORE

Towel Tracker Wraps Itself in Technology
Grand Rapids Business Journal

When Steven Molewyk started Towel Tracker in 2009, his goal was to help health clubs cut down on towel theft. Molewyk said he used to wash towels for a local fitness center at one of the laundromats he owned at the time, and he started to notice a pattern. “I noticed they were losing 900 towels a week,” he said… READ MORE

Michigan 50 Companies to Watch: Towel Tracker
Michigan Business Network

Jeffrey Mosher talks with Steven Molewyk, Founder/COO of one of the Michigan 50 Companies to Watch in 2017, Towel Tracker… READ MORE

Michigan “50 Companies to Watch for 2017” Named

Michigan Celebrates Small Business has named more than 60 businesses, including the 2017 Michigan 50 Companies to Watch, to this year’s crop of growing companies. Winners will receive their awards May 4 at the Thirteenth Annual Michigan Celebrates Small Business Awards dinner… READ MORE

Prevent Loss of Hotel Towels, Prevent Loss of Money
Hotel Business Magazine

Plush bathrobes aren’t the only item some hotel guests take as souvenirs from their travels. At beachfront properties and resort destinations, pool towels are among the most frequently pilfered items, generating significant losses for hoteliers who have to constantly purchase replacements… Don’t resign yourself to the belief that towel thefts are a necessary cost of doing business just yet. Steven Molewyk, founder and COO of Towel Tracker… READ MORE

Turning that Towel Theft Headache Into a Guest Pleasing Amenity
Resort Trades Magazine

Stealing towels has been a recurring joke in sitcoms and standup comedy routines for decades. But in real life, towel theft is no laughing matter. In a survey of 8,600 travelers, 1 in 3 surveyed admitted to stealing “souvenirs” from hotels and resorts, and not surprisingly, towels were the number one item stolen by Americans. Hotels and resorts have taken different steps to address chronic towel theft. Some hire employees to manually sign out towels to guests, while others… READ MORE

Health Club Saves Money with RFID Laundry Solution
RFID Journal

Casey Ashline, the executive director of Riverside Health Fitness Center in Bourbonnais, Ill., was searching for fitness equipment at an industry trade show several years ago, when she came across a display of the Towel Tracker RFID-based laundry solution. “I was immediately intrigued,” she says. “We’re an upscale facility—our member dues are $55 to $65 a month—but even with such a nice clientele, we were losing about 150 to 200 towels a month to theft,” Ashline explains. “Plus, members were using six to seven towels at a time instead of the one or two they actually needed.” What intrigued her about Towel Tracker… READ MORE

Four Ingenious Ways to Save Money
Resort Trades Magazine

Take a look at the latest products being offered to save timeshare resort operators money. The first is a cloud-based software system to organize and process your resort’s requests for estoppel, Second, at last there’s a company interested in connecting resorts with competitively-priced credit card processing, Gildersleeve Partners’ new company, Customized Solutions LLC. Next, Cunningham Asset Recovery Service (C.A.R.S.) is a brand new concept introduced this year and bound to be of benefit to HOAs by providing low-cost non-judicial foreclosures. Last (but not least!) on our list is Towel Tracker — an RFID system that assures that your beach and poolside towels won’t walk off the property… READ MORE

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