1. Prevent Towel Theft

• Automatically tracks pool towel usage and theft.

• Reduces pool towel theft by approximately 90-100%.

2. Streamline Towel Management

• Sends automated towel replenishment alerts to housekeeping staff.

• Provides real-time, customized towel usage data analytics.

• Provides automated towel inventory management and reordering.

3. Enhance Guest Experience

• Enables guests to efficiently obtain and return pool towels, with no assistance needed from pool staff.

• Results in cleaner pool facilities, because guests return used towels to Towel Tracker.

• Discourages guests from using towels to save prime deck chairs all day.

• Reduces guest complaints related to towel service.

4. Provide Larger Towels

• Enables waterparks to provide larger and higher quality towels. 

• Guests use fewer towels when they are responsible for their return.

5. Increase Bottom Line

• Reduces labor hours required to manage pool towels. 

• Reduce water and detergent usage and become more eco-friendly.

6. Become More Eco-friendly

• Reduces overall towel use by 30-40% because guests take fewer towels when they know they’re being tracked. This in turn:

• Reduces towel laundering costs by 30-40%. 

• Reduces amount of chemical detergents, bleach, electricity, natural gas, and water used to launder towels.

• Reduces greenhouse gases emitted during towel laundering process.


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